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3 Things To Know Now!

If you've been arrested for a Missouri DWI

In some places in Missouri a DWI conviction brings with it mandatory jail time.  Besides the criminal charge, you face a separate civil action - the Suspension of Your Driver's License.

You only have a limited number of days to challenge the suspension of your driver's license after you have been arrested for a Missouri DWI.  If you miss the deadline for filing the appeal, you miss the best opportunity you have to gather evidence and information the State will use against you in the criminal case.  

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Kansas City Municipal Court Criminal & Traffic Charges

Kansas City, MO Municipal Court is one of the largest court's in the State of Missouri.  Many Kansas City municipal charges are handled in the municipal court instead of being filed in the state court.  If you lose your case in the Kansas City municipal court, however, you have the automatic right of appeal to the Associate Circuit Court in either Jackson or Clay County.  

If you have been arrested or received a traffic ticket in Kansas City, MO contact us to find out how we can help you, or read more on our Kansas City, MO Municipal Court Homepage!

Other Municipal Courts & Areas we Serve

We serve the entire Kansas City, MO Metropolitan area on the Missouri side, as well as some outlying areas.  For a full list of our service areas click here!

About Attorney Matthew Guilfoil

Kansas City, MO attorney J. Matthew Guilfoil has years of experience fighting Missouri DWi, traffic and criminal cases.  He is a member of the National College of DUI Defense - an elite group of criminal defense attorneys from across the nation that have dedicated themselves to mastering the science behind DWI arrests, field sobriety testing and breath and blood testing.

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What does it cost to fight a criminal or DWI case in Missouri

One of the first things most people want to know when they hire an attorney to fight a Missouri DWI charge, or a municipal court case is what it will cost.

Traffic tickets are usually a fairly routine matter, and inexpensive - when compared to the increase in insurance and other charges - to resolve.

Criminal cases are a bit more tricky since every case is different.  While I can quote you an expected fee when we talk, it is impossible to quote a fee until I get a little more information from you.  

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Revised Statutes of Missouri

Visit our Revised Statutes of Missouri Reference Homepage for a quick reference guide to the most common criminal charges in the State of Missouri.